How to find a potential supervisor ( for JICA Program)

How to find a potential supervisor for JICA Program applicant (Degree-Seeking students)

This page is for applicant of JICA Training Program.  If you are applying with Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (OUAVM), it is mandatory to fill in your potential supervisor’s name for application form of  JICA Program. 

Graduate School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences and Agriculture
Program Duration
1. Master’s Program of Animal Science and Agriculture 2 years
2. Doctoral Program of Animal Science and Agriculture 3 years
3. Doctoral Program of Veterinary Science

4 years

■How to find a potential supervisor
  1. Please  download the list of potential supervisors from the link above.  Potential supervisor’s name and  field of research is described.
  2. For more details of supervisor, enter his/her name here  to see his/her introduction and current research topics.

For successful matching procedure, it is strongly recommended for all JICA Training Program applicants to make contact with a supervisor to request his/her supervision well in advance. 

■How to contact with a potential supervisor
  1. Fill out Supervisory Referral Form.  Make sure to check the supervisor’s current research topics, and there is something in common with your research plan.
  2. Submit the Supervisory Referral Form to the International Student Office (   and other required documents.
  3. International Student Office will arrange the matching procedure between the applicant and the potential supervisor. 


【Section in charge】International Student Office