Surra and other animal trypanosomoses

Opportunities available for OIE member countries

Research collaboration

We are open for research collaboration for surveillance, risk factor analysis, and designing control measures in OIE member countries. At present, we are conducting surveillance of animal trypanosomes and its vector in Mongolia, Paraguay, Sudan, and The Philippines in collaboration with local institutes.

Internship, short-term training, and postgraduate studies

Opportunities are available for trainees and short-term trainees from OIE member countries. The training is provided free of charge, but the trainees may be asked to cover the travelling and living costs, subject to the availability of funds. We are also accepting international postgraduate students to pursue research on animal trypanosomes and its vectors. Our research interest focuses mainly on diagnosis, epidemiology, and drug discovery.

Expert advice

We provide expert advice on diagnosis (protocols, interpretation of test results etc.), surveillance, and risk analysis.

Academic seminars and conferences

The OIE expert for Surra may attend the academic seminars and give lecture on Surra and animal trypanosomoses including AAT and dourine, if an invitation is extended.

OIE Laboratory Twinning Program

The objective of “Laboratory Twinning Program” funded by OIE is to improve the capacity and scientific expertise of institutes that are potential candidates for future reference centres. We are ready to collaborate with any potential candidate laboratory under this program.

OIE Reference Centres