Surra and other animal trypanosomoses

Our collaboration with OIE

In collaboration with OIE, we are involved in several activities. We attend various meetings and conferences organized by OIE in our capacity as reference laboratory and share our ideas to improve the activities of OIE.

OIE non-tsetse transmitted animal trypanosomoses (NTTAT) network is a worldwide network for supporting of a global strategy for the control of NTTAT ( The network works with OIE RL for Surra (Prof. Philippe Büscher, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium, and ourself), OIE RL for Animal trypanosomoses of African origin (Prof. Marc Desquesnes, CIRAD, France) and various members including researchers, veterinarians, and government officers.

Periodically, we revise Surra, AAT, and Dourine chapter of OIE Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals (,, We also assist OIE to update Terrestrial Animal Health Code for Dourine (, and to prepare Case Definition for Surra and Dourine. Moreover, we prepare and submit annual reports on the activities of our reference laboratory. These reports are available online for anyone to read (

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