Entry into Japan

The frameworks of Residence Track with all countries / regions are suspended for the time being. Current procedures for entry into Japan are subject to change due to the spread of infection with the new coronavirus. Please check the email from International Student Office of OUAVM regarding further procedure. (23 April 2021)

Residence Track

Japanese government announced that, in principle, the holders of visa statuses of all countries and regions are permitted to newly enter Japan from October 1, 2020. For more details, please refer to the following web pages.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

(1)  Phased Measures for Resuming Cross-Border Travel

(2)  Denial of Permission to Entry

【Required documents for the visa application】

1.Visa application form
3.Certificate of Eligibility
4.Written pledge(Residence Track) 2 copies

Where to submit: Embassies or Consulate Generals of Japan in your country.

【Required documents when entering Japan】

1.Written pledge (Residence Track) 2 copies
2.Proof of a negative COVID-19 test result (※)
3.Visa (Contact Japanese embassy in your country for application procedure)
4.「Questionnaire」(It will be distributed on the plane)

※ Only for those who enter Japan from countries subject to strengthened quarantine. In other words, countries subject to strengthened quarantine is the same as countries with Denial of permission to entry

【Issuance of Written pledge for Residence Track】

The application for the 「Written pledge (Residence Track)」 will be sent to those who have an official acceptance of Obihiro University.
To receive the Written pledge, you need to promise to abide by the items described in the application form. It is necessary for you to confirm the contents of your pledge carefully and fill in an application form accurately.

Documents to be submitted:
1.Application for the 「Written pledge (International Residence Track)」
2.Passport page containing your photograph
3.Passport page that shows records of latest entry and exit
4.Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)

Please check the list of application procedure.  (Download the procedure list from here)

After the application is accepted, we will confirm your documents and issue the Written pledge for Residence Track immediately.

Other Information

Avoid the Three Cs

“Closed spaces with poor ventilation,” “Crowded spaces with many people nearby,” and “Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations” are particularly common contributory factors in outbreaks.

Avoid Three Cs