SAITOH Tomoko Specially Appointed Assistant Professor

ThemeBehavior and management of horse and cattle

My DreamBehavior and management of horse and cattle


Field Center of Animal Science and Agriculture/StaffResearch Department/Department of Life and Food Sciences/Division of Animal Production/Section of Animal Husbandry
Field Animal behavior, Animal management, Equine science
Keyword Horse, Cattle, Behavior, Drone, AI, Video analysis


1.Hokkaido native horses are no longer rare livestock and need protection.We are conducting research that will provide a place where Hokkaido native breeds can play an active role in society, such as horse riding for people with disabilities.
2. We are studying how to observe, record, and analyze the behavior of livestock by video shooting with drone. Analysing videos are time consuming so I'm now trying using AI for automatic video analysis.
3.If biological information such as cow behavior and body temperature can be automatically monitored, labor saving and better management will be possible. We are conducting research that will improve monitoring technology by collecting data from various sensors.

Aerial image of horses by drone
Experiment in huge grassland and many horses
Automatic analysis of dressage video

List of current research topics

Horse(Protection of Hokkaido narive breeds, video analysis for sports riding.)
Cattle(Automatic monitoring)
Drone(Aerial shooting for animal behaviour analysis)
AI(Automatic analysis of video)

Related industries Livestock management, Horseback riding, Drone(Aerial shooting), AI
Affiliated academic society Japanese Society of Equine Science, Japanese Society for Animal Behaviour and Management, Japanese Society of Animal Science, Hokkaido Society of Livestock and Grassland Science
Academic degree D. Agr
Self introduction

I was born in Kanagawa and living in Obihiro since 1999 (when I entered this univercity !). I have my own Hokkaido native horse. I' m the player of Japanese old style horseback archery.

Room addressGeneral Research Building I
Room numberS3102-4
Mail address tsaitoh atmark