YAMAGISHI Norio Professor

ThemeCirculating biomarkers in cattle
Treatments for limb fractures in cattle

My DreamHeal the animals (cattle), make the people (farmers) smile! Develop better options (methods of diagnosis and treatments) for those.


Research Center for Global Agromedicine/Department of Veterinary MedicineResearch Department/Department of Veterinary Medicine/Division of Clinical Veterinary Medicine/Section of Large Animal Clinical SciencesVeterinary Medical Center/Large Animal Clinic
Field Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Clinical Biochemistry, Bovine Medicine, Animal Science
Keyword Cattle, Blood, Biomarkers, Parturition, Periparturient period, Calcium metabolism, Bone metabolism, Production diseases, Fractures, Surgery, Image diagnosis



We are searching circulating biomarkers for prediction and/or diagnosis of parturient diseases in dairy cows. We have developed a sensitive assay (fluorometric method) for measuring circulating TRAP5b that is secreted form osteoclasts, showing the possibility of predicting the prophylaxis of this biomarker on the development of parturient hypocalcemia in cows. We also examine the other biomarkers, ALP3, OPG, and so on., in the blood or milk of dairy cows. From these our experience, we try to evaluate the bone metabolism of captative Asian elephants using the circulating biomarkers.

Theoretically, all of the repairing methods are available for treatments of severe limb fractures in calves. However, highly feasible and versatile techniques is needed to rescue many of those animals, because there are a lot of limitations in the clinical field of bovine practice (costs for treatment, economic value of animals, facility, recovery rate, effectiveness and feasibility). Then, we now undertake the improvement of external skeletal fixation and transfixation pinning and casting (TPC) for the repair of severe limb fractures in calves as “better” methods using in the clinal field.

Changes in circulating OPG and TRAP5b around parturition in dairy cows
Treatment for tibial fracture in a calf using TPC

List of current research topics

  • Circulating biomarkers for bone metabolism and production diseases in cattle
  • Clinical biochemistry in zoo animals (esp. Asian elephants)
  • Treatments for limb fractures using TPC (transfixation pinning and casting) in cattle
Academic degree D.V.M., Ph.D.
License Veterinarian
Self introduction

I am very happy if I can help the development of the infrastructure for the education system of large animals clinical medicine for all students in this university.

Room addressLarge Animal Hospital and Clinical Research Building
Mail address yamagishi atmark obihiro.ac.jp