TSUZUKI Nao Associate Professor

ThemeAssociated with large animal imaging (X-ray, CT, MRI, echo and endoscope)

My DreamDevelop evidence-based veterinary care


Research Department/Department of Veterinary Medicine/Division of Clinical Veterinary Medicine/Section of Large Animal Clinical SciencesVeterinary Medical Center/Large Animal Clinic
Field Veterinary medicine
Keyword Imaging, Radiology, Horse, Bovine


Diagnostic imaging is a field that's seen dramatic advances with progress in computer technology since the 1970s. It's essential for diagnoses in medical care for humans. In veterinary medicine, it's also becoming essential for companion animals, such as dogs and cats. However, in medical care for farm animals, such as cows and horses, diagnostic imaging is still a developing field. A major reason for this is the large size of farm animals. However, the range of diagnostic imaging techniques that can be applied to large farm animals has broadened. In light of the progress in medical care for humans and companion animals, diagnostic imaging is considered indispensable for improving the quality of care for farm animals. However, knowledge of diagnostic imaging for farm animals remains sufficient and many technologies have not yet been put into practice.

To improve the standards of veterinary medicine and education, we're currently accepting horses with various conditions, in particular those that are difficult to diagnose, in order to accumulate knowledge through diagnostic imaging.

List of current research topics

  • Image diagnosis for large animals
  • Reduction of intraoperative oxidative stress
  • Adaptation of ozone therapy to large animals
Related industries Veterinary medicine, Animal husbandry
Affiliated academic society The Japanese Society of Veterinary Science, The Japanese Society of Veterinary Imagings, Japanese Society of Equine Science
Academic degree D.V.M
License Veterinarian
Self introduction

I was born in Tokyo and I graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Kokubunji High School. I traveled through Japan to Miyazaki in 2013 and traveled back to Obihiro in 2017. In my former job, I was mainly engaged in surgical science for farm animals. I've now changed my specialty to the diagnostic imaging of farm animals. My hobbies are playing baseball (mainly in batting cages), bathing in hot springs, playing video games, and going to horse races. I've recently become able to switch-hit.

Room addressLarge Animal Hospital and Clinical Research Building
Mail address tsuzuki atmark obihiro.ac.jp