SHIBAGUCHI Junichi Professor

ThemeA study on historical novels and history descriptions. A study on expression of autobiographies and biographies

My DreamComprehensive study of modern Japanese literature


Research Department/Department of Human Sciences/Division of Humanities, Social Sciences and Linguistic Sciences/Section of Humanities, Social Sciences and Linguistic
Field Modern Japanese literature
Keyword Modern Japanese literature


My expertise, literature, is a discipline that can tend to seem gloomy and annoying. That appearance isn't far from the truth. It's true that literary research is gloomy and annoying, since it requires considerable patience. However, it requires the same patience that any other discipline does. In that sense, learning can be said to be gloomy and annoying.

Literary research doesn't just deal with ultraconservative literary works. Comic books, plays, movies, TV dramas—even paintings, music, dance and photos: These are all subjects. Having a broad perspective on all such ways of expression is extremely important. In life, are we constantly expressing ourselves? I suppose that living itself is a way of expression. Literary research can be described as the study of how humans express themselves.

Research on various ways of expression is still to come. Occasionally, brave ideas greatly advance research. Light, supple ideas like those of an infant are extremely valuable.

Self introduction

Born in Hokkaido,I live in Hokkaido. But I love the Kansai dialect. My hobbies are cooking and instrumental performance. Dream is to take a large car license and keep a labrador retriever.

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