TOKIOKA Hirozumi Professor

ThemeHow to utilize William Golding's novels as an effective teaching material for intercultural understanding

My DreamDevelopment of English language education materials utilizing agricultural video programs produced in Western countries


Research Department/Department of Human Sciences/Division of Humanities, Social Sciences and Linguistic Sciences/Section of Humanities, Social Sciences and Linguistic
Field English literature, English language education
Keyword William Golding, cultural information, intercultural understanding, multimedia devices, CALL system


  1. I'm studying the works of William Golding, a Nobel prize winner in literature. Paying attention to the cultural information that can be found in Golding's fictional works, I examine how we can utilize his novels as an effective teaching material for intercultural understanding.
  2. I'm studying how to utilize multimedia devices for effective English educaion. I practice current English teaching by using CNN programs and examine how we can utilize video materials for fruitful language education.
Golding's works and research literature

List of current research topics

  • Study of fictional works of William Golding (from a viewpoint of teaching material for intercultural understanding)
  • Promotion of practical English education by utilizing multimedia devices
Academic degree Ph.D. (Science of School Education)
Self introduction

I was born in Osaka in December 1957. In Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, I studied current English and performed a role in Thornton Wilder's English plays, The Skin of Our Teeth and The Matchmaker. After graduation, I worked as an English language instructor for Amagasaki City Senior High School (13 years) and Osaka Aoyama Junior College (7 years). I've been teaching English in Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine since April 2000. Conducting all my courses in the CALL room, I try to enrich the contents of my lessons and improve my teaching method. I'm always trying to conduct classes where all my students can acquire English ability which will help them to survive this globalization age.

Room addressGeneral Research Building I
Mail address tokioka atmark