IKEDA Shinya Professor

ThemeCreating healthy foods that taste good

My DreamTo make everyone happy through food
Field Food materials science, Food physical chemistry, Physical properties of foods
Keyword Polysaccharide, Protein, Biopolymer, Gelation, Emulsification, Foaming, Texture, Dairy food, Digestibility/absorbability, Shelf life


Foods consist of not only many chemical components but also complex structures. To maximize the functions of foods, it is essential to understand how food structures change during food processing and create desired structures as a result of food processing. Because biopolymers such as polysaccharide and protein have dominant effects on the formation of food structures, I have been studying biopolymers on the basis of materials science and physical chemistry. Currently, the main focus of my research is to improve food qualities and shelf-lives. I am also working on to control digestibility and bioavailability of nutrients through controlling food structures. The ultimate goals of my research include creating foods that provide sufficient nutrients for seniors who have reduced appetite and metabolism, tasty foods containing less salts and sugar, or full fat foods with reduced energy intake.

List of current research topics

  • Controlling food texture using food polysaccharides and proteins
  • Controlling digestibility and absorbability of nutrients
  • Improving sensory properties of reduced salt/sugar/fat foods
  • Reducing glycemic indices
  • Improving shelf-lives of foods and food ingredients
  • Functionality development of milk proteins
  • Functionality development of food polysaccharides
Academic degree Ph.D.
Self introduction

In 21 years or so of my professional career, I spent more than 12 years as a scientist in the industry and academia in the US. I am looking forward to dedicating my knowledge and experience to research and education here in Obihiro, Tokachi.

Room addressGeneral Research Building 3
Room number304
Mail address shinya.ikeda atmark obihiro.ac.jp


Research Center for Global Agromedicine/Department of Agriculture and Animal ScienceResearch Department/Department of Life and Food Sciences/Division of Food Science/Section of Food Technology and Biotechnology
Faculty (Unit)Food Science Program
Related industries Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals
Affiliated academic society American Chemical Society, American Dairy Science Association, Institute of Food Technologists
Academic background B.Agr. (1993) Department of Agricultural Chemistry, the University of Tokyo
M.S. (1995) Department of Agricultural Chemistry, the University of Tokyo
Ph.D. (1998) Department of Agricultural Chemistry, the University of Tokyo
1998-1999 Research Associate Post-doc, Department of Food Science, North Carolina State University
1999-2005 Research Associate, Department of Food and Human Health Sciences, Osaka City University
2005-2006 Lecturer, Department of Food and Human Health Sciences, Osaka City University
2006-2008 Senior Scientist, CP Kelco
2008-2009 Manager Business Development Japan, CP Kelco Japan
2009-2012 Associate Professor, Department of Applied Biological Science, Kagawa University
2012-2019 Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2019-present Current position
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