KOJIMA Michiyuki Professor

ThemeElcidation of the relationship between polyphenol composition and functionality and development of processed food with improved functionality

My DreamClarify the functionality of various beans and fruits
Field Food science, Food processing, Food chemistry, Food nutrition
Keyword Beans, Soy, Adzuki, Kidney bean, Fruits, seaberry, Plum, Polyphenol, Melanoidin, Antioxidant activity, Digestive enzyme inhibitory activity, Animal experimentation, mouse


We've extensively researched and analyzed active ingredients that have food functionality—mainly polyphenol ingredients found in beans and fruits. The study clarified that procyanidins have antioxidative and digestive enzyme inhibitory activities. We also conduct animal experiments on food safety. We analyze the composition of polyphenols in various beans and aim to clarify the relationships among their functionalities in the future. Furthermore, research is addressing how processing confers the nutritional benefits afforded by miso, soybean milk and boiled beans. (Refer to the figure on Anti-oxidant activity of miso that's fermented with malted rice and to which beans and buckwheat are added.) The research aims to clarify how antioxidant substances found in agricultural products and processed products affect human beings and how to contribute to the promotion of added value and the branding of agricultural and processed products.

List of current research topics

  • Studies on the functionality of flower bean and kidney bean
  • Studies on improving the functionality of rice miso with beans other than soybeans and soba
  • Studies on the functionality of plum
  • Studies on improving the functionality of boiled bean and broth
  • Studies on improving the functionality of soymilk and tofu
Self introduction

I'm from Aichi Prefecture. I've elucidated the chemical properties of membrane lipids, mainly those found in animals and plants, and the antioxidant activity of polyphenols found in beans and fruits. I like playing tennis, hiking and walking in fields in Tokachi.

Room addressGeneral Research Building 1
Mail address kojima atmark obihiro.ac.jp


Research Department/Department of Human Sciences/Division of Natural Sciences and Physical Education/Section of Natural Sciences and Physical Education
Faculty (Unit)Food Science Program
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