MIURA Hideho Professor

ThemeAnalysis of quantitative trait loci for agronomic traits and flour quality of wheat

My DreamEnhancement of stress tolerance in crop plants
Field Plant genetics, Plant production science
Keyword Wheat, Gene, Quantitative trait loci, Pre-harvest sprouting tolerance, Flour quality


Pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) in wheat is defined as germination of grains in the ear on the mother plant before harvest. PHS decreases the quality of the end product. It is thus a serious problem in the regions of the world where the rainy season tends to overlap with the harvest season. The most suitable way to reduce PHS damage is to develop varieties with higher grain dormancy. We identified a major gene, QPhs.ocs-3A.1, from the highly dormant variety “Zenkoujikomugi”. The DNA markers characterizing this QTL will contribute to breeding of new varieties for preventing PHS.

Pre-harvest sprouting in wheat where grains germinate in the ear on the mother plant before harvest.
A major gene, QPhs.ocs-3A.1, from the highly dormant variety “Zenkoujikomugi”can supress geimination of a low-dormant variery

List of current research topics

  • Enhansment of stress torerance in wheat
Academic degree D. Agr
Self introduction

My favorite maxim is "The agronomy feeds the world". I hate lazy students.

Room addressGeneral Research Building I
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Research Department/Department of Agro-environmental Science/Division of Plant Production Science/Section of Plant Production SciencePractical Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Program/Director
Affiliated academic society Japanese Society of Breeding
Academic background 2005-current Professor, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
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