Workplace Vaccination of COVID-19  to be conducted by OUAVM

In order to resume safe education and research activities as soon as possible, we have decided to conduct Workplace Vaccination of COVID-19 at OUAVM. OUAVM have applied for the Workplace Vaccination to relevant ministry, and waiting for their reply. Although we are not sure of the amount of vaccine we are receiving from the government or the schedule, we decided to start accepting application for those who wish to receive the vaccine. If you wish to receive the vaccine at OUAVM, please check “Workplace Vaccination of COVID-19” which is indicated below.

This vaccination is not compulsory, and all members of the university are reminded not to discriminate against anyone who is not vaccinated.

Workplace Vaccination of COVID-19

※For Questionnaire, please fill in the Original form (Japanese form) by referring to the translations of the official form in Japanese.