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National Research Center for
Protozoan Diseases

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2012-05-31 Joma's BPA at the 4th GCOE International Symposium 2012-07-14 Lab Members Trip to Furano 2012-8-24: Victor's Farewell
2012-03-08 Farewell Party for Dusit, Yuji and Kunizaki 2012-03-26 Graduation Day of Dusit, Yuji and Kunizaki 2012-05-17 5th ASEAN Congress on Tropical Medicine, Manila, Philippines
2011-12-6 Hassan's Presentation at the 60th ASTMH Meeting, Philadelphia、USA 2011-12-7 Joma's Presentation at the 60th ASTMH Meeting, Philadelphia, USA 2012-02-23 Sample Collection at Calatrava, Negros Occidental, Philippines
2012-08 : Asada won a BPA 2011-8-23: Sakuya Farewell 2011-08-10: Petauke, Zambia
2011-06-22: Tochio Farewell and Thom Welcome Party 2011-06-4: NY Cup PG competition at DONGURI Park 2011-05-10: Dr. Palmira's Lab., Caracas