At the “2015 Symposium of Dairy Science - Aiming for a Breakthrough in the 21st Century Milk Science -” held in Tokachi Plaza (Obihiro, Hokkaido), a special lecture was performed by a pediatrician regarding breast-feeding. Other lectures were also given on themes such as oligosaccharide metabolism of human milk by bifidobacteria, prevention from infection by pathogenic microorganism with probiotics lactic acid bacteria, immunostimulating effects of polysaccharides produced by lactic acid bacteria, and treatment of atopic dermatitis with probiotics lactic acid bacteria. In addition, students from the Milk and Meat Hygiene program of the Laboratory of Food Safety (Instructor: Tadasu Urashima, professor) made a poster presentation.



Characteristics of the Doctoral Program in Animal and Food Hygiene as Presented by Professor Kunio Igarashi, the Director of the Program

Introduction of Classes in the Doctoral Program in Animal and Food Hygiene