The 9th International Ruminant Reproduction Symposium (200 participants from 30 countries) was held in the city of Obihiro, as the first to take place in a non-English speaking region, under the chairmanship of Akio Miyamoto at the Animal Production Hygiene Program of the Laboratory of Animal and Environmental Health. At the symposium, participants took part in active presentations and vigorous discussions.

- Welcome Reception

Chairman Miyamoto greeting at the Welcome Reception on the eve of the International Conference, “Thanks for coming all the way over here! A big welcome to all of you!”

- Opening Address of the Conference

 “The quadrennial overview of the study on ruminant livestock and reproductive science is about to start! For the next four days, let’s engage in active discussions, and please enjoy local Tokachi food, beer and wine to your hearts’ content!”

- A shot from an invited lecture (1)

 “What will hatch from this egg (ovum), I wonder?” All 35 invited lecturers were asked by Chairman Miyamoto to crack a joke or two to make the audience laugh at the beginning!”

- A shot from an invited lecture (2)

Presentation of the collaborative study with the University of Zurich and Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (by Kawashima, Shimizu and Miyamoto)
Excellent lecture by Prof. Bollwein, “Nutrient Metabolism of High Lactating Cows and the Impact of Reproductive Diseases on their Reproductive Functions”

- A gift of Japanese Saké
Dr. Pfeffer (NZ), just finished the invited presentation, and Prof. Hansen (USA), the chairman, handing over a bottle of saké. The brand is, of course, “Tokachi-bare (Sunny day in Tokachi)” from the local Tokachi region!
Presentation of the “Pioneer Award”
The symposium dinner on the 3rd evening. The customary “Pioneer Award” was granted this time to Prof. McNatty (NZ) who had established the basic concept of the “Selection and Growth of Ovarian Follicles in the Ovary.” Chairman Miyamoto, who had been impressed by a series of papers written by the professor back in his graduate school days, presented the trophy while feeling something strange and awe.
- Photo shoot after the closing of the symposium
With some already departing on the final day, about half remained for the photo shoot. The next conference will be convened in Brazil in four years’ time.

Characteristics of the Doctoral Program in Animal and Food Hygiene as Presented by Professor Kunio Igarashi, the Director of the Program

Introduction of Classes in the Doctoral Program in Animal and Food Hygiene