Ola! International Students!

Ola, como vai vice? (Hi, how are you? in Portuguese.)
This page introduces "Chikudaisei from overseas". The commemorable first students are these three from South America, Anna Yumiko Kojima, Juan Antonio Pereira, and Tomas Javier Acosta-Ayala.

Antonio, Ana, Tomas

They welcomed our interview, although we visited them without an appointment. We thank them all.

FIS: Please let us know your name first.
Ana: I'm Anna Yumiko Kojima .
Tomas: I'm Thomas Javier Acosta-Ayala.
Antonio: I'm Juan Antonio Pereira
FIS: How long have you been here?
Ana: For about two years.
Antonio: For two years and two month
Tomas: Me too.
FIS: Well, it's been a long time. By the way, have you found any good points or bad points of Japan during your stay here?
Tomas: People here are kind.
Antonio:(with "No kidding" looks) That depends on the person.
FIS: Yeah.
Ana: I talked about it with JAICA trainees. We think Japan is safe. -Antonio and Thomas seemed to agree with her.-
Antonio, Thomas: Brazil is very dangerous. (They put emphasis on "Brazil".)
Ana:(Don't tell a lie.) No, it's not only Brazil. All countries in South America are dangerous.
FIS: (Can't figure it because of no experience abroad) Brazil, sorry, is South America as dangerous as you claim?
Ana: For example, we keep an eye on our children at a restaurant for the fear of kidnapping. But it seems to me that all costomers keep an eye on their children.
FIS: Why do they abduct children? They want to adopt them?
Ana: No, they don't. Well,...
Tomas: To sell their internal organs, maybe some want to adopt them, I'm not sure.
FIS: That's a dreadful story.... -The atomsphere gets blue-
Antonio: But it'll be okay if we watch them.
FIS: I see...(changed the subject) Do you have any favorite Japanese food?
Antonio: Favorite? The one we dislike is okay?
Ana: Almost everyone doesn't like this-Natto-.
FIS: Why?
Antonio: Why? It's bad.(Flatly)
FIS: Smells awful?
Antonio: It smells awful and tastes bad. But when I was invited to a Japanese house and they served me Natto, I ate it with pleasure.
Ana: We don't have short cakes in Brazil, so I'm always fascinated by them. They are beautiful.
FIS: You don't have short cake?
Tomas: We have very large one instead.
Ana, Antonio: Yeah, yeah.
Ana, Antonio, Thomas: Like this size. (They show with their hands a rectangle of 30 centimeters by 50 centimeters.)
FIS: No kidding!
Ana, Antonio, Thomas: Ha-ha-ha.
Ana: Well, Christmas in Japan isn't cheerful. We have a great party with our family in Brazil. But Japanese celebrate it with their boy friend or girl friend only.
Antonio: You do a part time job even on that day.
FIS: Oh, that's me!
FIS: Lastly, please teach us some Brazilian, sorry, Portuguese words.
Ana: Sure. Ola, como vai vice? (Hi, how are you?) Please say this to us if you see us.
FIS: Is it O.K. even from a stranger?
Ana: Not really.
FIS: Those who read this page are okay, aren't they? Let's say Ola,.....? to them!
All: Chao (Bye) for this time! Bye-bye!