Recruitment (Graduate student)

  We have been studying on Malaria, which is one of the world’s three major infectious diseases, Toxoplasmosis, and Cryptosporidiosis, which are global zoonoses, using the techniques of molecular biology and virology. We also have been developing the new antiprotozoal drugs and vaccines for practical use.

  NRCPD possesses the sufficient equipment for your parasitology researches in the world and consists of about 100 talents. We support and collaborate with the research program of JICA. As the cost of living, especially house rent, in Obihiro is almost half compared to that in the capital city, Tokyo, you can tackle your study enough in Obihiro. If you want to join our research unit in NRCPD, please contact me as mentioned below.

Kentaro Kato, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Project Associate Professor
Research Unit for Global Infection Control,
National Research Center for Protozoan Diseases,
Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Inada-cho, Obihiro, Hokkaido 080-8555, Japan.
Phone:+81-155-49-5645 Fax:+81-155-49-5646
E-mail: kkato(at)
*Please change (at) to @ if you send me your e-mail.

For a candidate for graduate student

  • You can select two courses blow.
  1. Doctoral program in Animal and Food Hygiene, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Master’s course (2 years); Doctoral course (3 years)
  2. United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences, Gifu University, Doctoral course (4 years)
  • The system of teaching assistant or research assistant is enough for you to live and study in Obihiro.
  • You can live in the residence for the foreign students and researchers in the university.