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教員氏名 Campbell David Jon(講師)
キャンベル デビッド ジョン 
所属講座等 人間科学研究部門 人文社会・言語科学分野
主に担当する教育ユニット・分野 畜産科学課程・全ユニット
卒業研究を受け入れる教育ユニット 畜産科学課程・全ユニット
受け入れ可能な学生数 2名
専門分野及び主な研究テーマ 1. CALL(Computer-assisted Language Learning) I am interested in Moodle an open source LMS software. I feel that this software makes it possible to increase the amount of interaction I have with individual students.
2. Virtual Exchanges: I want to examine how students communicate in English, online with students from other cultures and the impact it has on their motivation to study English.
学位 Master of Arts
連絡先 (TEL) 0155-49-5620
研究分野 教育工学・英語学・外国語教育
自己紹介と学生へのメッセージ I first came to Japan and Obihiro in 1983 to work for a small English conversation school, but joined Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in October 2008. This makes me a long time resident of Obihiro, but a relatively new person to the OUAVM.
I did my undergraduate studies at Pacific Lutheran University, where I majored in history and political science. After graduation I spent a couple of years working seasonal jobs and traveling in Europe and Asia. These travels exposed me briefly to many different peoples and cultures, but I decided I wanted to live in a country for at least a year to experience everyday life more fully. I initially came to Obihiro (the sister-city of my hometown) on a two-year contract, but ended up staying three. In those three years I became more interested in Japanese history and culture. It was then that I decided to return to the United States to get a Masters in Japanese Studies at the University of Michigan. After completing my studies in Michigan my wife and I made the decision to live in Japan, but not in a big city like Tokyo or Osaka, so I returned to the language school where I had taught before. I stayed there for over 20 years, teaching and working as the manager of the adult education program.
At the university I teach English Communication 1, 2 & 5 and English Communication for Science in the Graduate School. The goal for all my classes is to make them interesting and challenging, so that when students finish they have a feeling of accomplishment. I also hope that they are able to use English more effectively as a communication tool. I am also one of the members of the English Resource Center where I am responsible for English Lunch and the monthly Travel Talks. I hope you will join us at these activities.
Of course, I have many hobbies that keep me busy throughout the year. I play tennis, enjoy camping, gardening and I am a weekend carpenter. One of my dreams is to build a tree house, but I haven’t made much progress with this project.
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