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Makoto Igarashi Toxoplasma gondii Molecular biology Parasitism      
National Research Center for ProtozoanDiseases Research Unit for Infection and Pathology│makoto@
Manabu SAWADA Consumer Valuation of Food Safety Environmental Valuation Food System      
Department of Agro-environmental Science Division of Agricultural Economics│msawada@
Masaaki Akimoto Forage crop Plant gentetic resources Plant Breeding Ecological genetics     
Department of Agro-environmental Science Division of Plant Production Science│akimoto@
Masaaki Hanada Self sufficient of feed Pasture utilization Ruminant production      
Department of Life and Food Sciences Division of Animal Production│hanada@
Masafumi TETSUKA Ovary Follicle Physiology Zoo     
Department of Life and Food Sciences Division of Animal Production│mtetsuka@
Masahiro Hirata         
Department of Human Science Division of Natural Sciences and Physical Education│masa@
Masato Kimura Cold energy Cold energy resources meteorological resources      
Department of Agro-environmental Science Division of Environmental and Agricultural Engineering│masa-k@
Masayuki Tani Livestock manure Waste Fertilizer Soil improvement Soil fertility Eco-friendly Chemical analysis Water quality 
Research Center for Global Agromedicine │masatani@
Michihito Tagawa Internal medicine Clinical pathology Tumor Autoimmune disease Co-stimulatory receptor    
Animal Medical Center │mtagawa@
Mitsunori Kayano Statistics Bioinformatics Multivariate analysis Machine learning Genome Gene Protein Metabolite 
Research Center for Global Agromedicine │kayano@
Motozumi Matsui Reproductive Physiology Theriogenology Ovary      
Department of Veterinary Medicine Division of Clinical Veterinary Medicine│mmatsui@
Mutsuyo Kadohira veterinary epidemiology risk assessment rural development food safety Africa    
Field Center of Animal Science and Agriculture │kadohira@

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