Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Curricular Educational System

 To ensure that every undergraduate student experiences challenging and holistic education, the University has a curriculum through the institution of three levels of learning: general education curriculum (GEC), core curriculum, and major or advanced courses. Regardless of the curricular program of choice, all students are required to take the GEC courses, which introduce them to the University's vision-mission, history, and the role it plays in Tokachi, Hokkaido, and in the region. These courses also teach basic knowledge and critical, quantitative, and abstract skills in the natural sciences-including writing and communications skills, scientific process and bioethics, and related subjects that cultivate students' appreciation of the humanities, culture, and historical contexts. GEC courses are designed to help students appreciate and become cognizant of their roles and responsibilities in society.
 The core curriculum is comprised of courses that strengthen and enrich student knowledge and skills, primarily in agriculture and stockbreeding. Core courses constitute the fundamental and essential rudiments for students to do well and succeed in their chosen degree programs. On the other hand, the advanced curriculum covers higher level professional subjects in a chosen area of specialization, including special or practical training and/or research in a Department where the student chooses to work.


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