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Masters course

Master's Program in Life Science and Agriculture

Effects of gastrointestinal hormones on glucose metabolism in cattle

 Progress in life sciences and related technologies has transformed agriculture into an advanced bio-industry that requires not only special knowledge but also wide range of knowledge, spanning cellular biology to the global environment. The aim of this program is to provide students cutting-edge knowledge in animal and ecology/environment sciences. The curriculum covers various areas of life sciences from molecular biology to physiology, from animal behavior to conservation ecology. The program also provides research opportunities to deepen understanding in these subjects. The program consists of two majors, one specializing in animal production, and the other ecology and environmental science. Inter-disciplinary seminars are also provided to broaden the students’ outlook on life, agriculture and the environment.

Animal Production

The curriculum of the major provides the latest knowledge in animal science and state-of-the-art production technologies. The major also addresses economic, social and environmental issues that the livestock industry and our societies face. Through a series of lectures, practices and research activities, the course aims to nurture students who are capable of contributing to the life sciences as well as the livestock industry.

Ecology and Environmental Science

This major provides education in life science, mainly on various ecological research fields (synecology, landscape ecology, behavioral ecology, molecular ecology, conservation ecology) and environmental adaptation, dealing with the rich natural environment and extensive agricultural and livestock production systems of Hokkaido. This program intends to train people who can contribute to society by understanding the relationship between life and the environment from a broad perspective, comprehend their complicated and diverse mechanisms, think scientifically and make suggestions on environmental conservation and management.

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