Message from the University President

By advancing knowledge and expanding our approach to practical learning, we will contribute to regional and international societies by developing human resources who have skills in sustainable agriculture that can protect our food resources. (3rd Mid-term Fundamental Objective)

Kiyoshi Okuda, D.V.M., ,Ph.D.
President of Obihiro University
of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Taking full advantage of its location in Tokachi, Hokkaido, the breadbasket of Japan, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine is the only national agricultural university in Japan that provides a world-class education in agriculture, animal husbandry, and veterinary medicine. Our mission is to advance knowledge and expand practical learning in order to contribute to regional and international societies. Our graduates have the skills and knowledge to promote sustainable agriculture and protect our food resources. Agriculture, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine are academic areas that require practical learning; therefore, information and experience must be combined in students’ academic lives and rooted in the lives of everyday people. The various issues associated with agriculture, an industry that involves working with nature, and issues associated with food, the source of our health, are inevitably linked closely with global issues that modern societies face, such as climate change, food security, energy problems, and infectious diseases. Therefore, academic contributions in the field of agriculture, which sustain the agricultural industry, are necessary to solve these global issues. The curriculum of the School of Veterinary Medicine takes full advantage of our university’s distinctiveness, to integrate training in agriculture and animal husbandry into veterinary medicine education. The curriculum focuses on understanding the mechanisms that control animal life and on training veterinarians who can excel not only in the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases but also in the production and management of animals. Under the slogan “from farm to table” we train our students to scientifically study life, food, and the environment so that they may develop as professionals who can be active in a wide range of agricultural and livestock fields, including food hygiene. In this global age when national borders are rapidly dissolving, we strive to train people in the field of agriculture to meet the demands of society. We will foster global human resources at Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine by collaborating with regional institutes of research and development and enterprises associated with agriculture, food, and animals, as well as with international organizations responsible for food safety and those assisting developing countries. To this end, we will take action based on four core principles.

1. Develop a curriculum that is equal to the educational level of Europe and America
2. Pursue global collaborative research and educational exchanges with top universities around the world
3. Develop human resources through practical training that conforms to international standards for safety and hygiene
4. Conduct collaborative research and human resource development suited to the needs of society and business
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