Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine


Faculty and Staff

Members of the board    3
Professors 62
Associate Professors 34
Senior Assistant Professors 10
Assistant Professors 27
Administrative Staff 77
Technical Staff 17
Total 230

Number of Students

Undergraduate Schools of Animal and Agricultural Science 1,167
Grauate School of Animal Husbandry 133
Practical Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Progran 41
Total 1,341

lnternational academic Exchange Agreement

Country University Date Agreement Signed
1 Canada The University of Alberta 1985/08/01
2 Paraguay University of Asunción 1986/04/16
3 Philippines University of the Philippines
Los Baños Campus
4 Korea Chungnam National University College of Veterinary Medicine 1993/01/11
5 Germany Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Műnchen 1994/07/15
6 Korea Seoul National University, College of Agriculture and Life Science, College of Veterinary Medicine 1996/10/21
7 Sri Lanka University of Peradeniya, Faculty of Agriculture 1996/11/07
8 Korea Konkuk University 1996/12/04
9 Korea Kangwon National University 1997/08/28
10 China Xingjiang Agricultural University 1999/07/30
11 Mongolia Mongolian State University of Agriculture 2003/10/31
12 Viet Nam Hue University 2005/01/12
13 Switzerland Vetsuisse Faculty Universität Bern 2005/06/15
14 USA Texas A & M University 2005/07/04
15 Thailand Mahidol University 2005/07/14
16 Philippines De La Salle University 2005/10/05
17 Germany University of Veterinary Medicine Hanouver Foundation 2007/10/18
18 Indonesia Bogor Agricultural University 2009/12/21
19 China Hei Long Jiang Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences 2010/08/14
20 Taiwan National Pingtung University of Science and Technology 2010/08/24
21 Thailand Chiang Mai University
22 USA Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine 2013/12/02
23 USA University of Wisconsin, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 2014/09/25

Department-level Academic Exchange Agreement

Research Center for Animal Hygiene and Food Safety
Country University Date Agreement Signed
1 Viet Nam National Institute of Veterinary Research, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development 2008/03/26
National Research Center for Protozoan Diseases
Country University Date Agreement Signed
1 Philippines College of Public Health,
University of the Philippines Manila Campus
2 China Shanghai Veterinary Research ]Institute,
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
3 China Department of Veterinary Medicine
Agriculture College YANBIAN University

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